About the FSC

The Financial Stability Committee's task is to identify risks to financial stability in the Netherlands, and to make recommendations with respect to these risks. The committee was created in November 2012 following the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the Financial System. The Financial Stability Committee consists of representatives of DNB, the AFM and the Ministry of Finance and is chaired by DNB president Klaas Knot.

The committee has the following activities:

  • The exchange of information about the stability of the financial system in order to identify possible risks to financial stability. 
  • Discussing possible actions to mitigate these risks, including the options for reinforcing the statutory instruments that DNB, the AFM and the Minister have at their disposal.
  • Issuing warnings and recommendations with respect to the identified risks. These are made public unless disclosure is unwarranted due to possible risks to financial stability.
  • Aligning and coordinating the response to the warnings and recommendations made by the European Systemic Risk Board.

The committee has the following members:

  • Klaas Knot – voorzitter (president DNB)

  • Else Bos (voorzitter Toezicht, DNB)

  • Anita van den Ende (directeur Financiële Markten, Ministerie van Financiën)

  • Gerben Everts (bestuurslid AFM)

  • Christiaan Rebergen (Thesaurier-generaal, Ministerie van Financiën)

  • Job Swank (directielid Monetaire Zaken en financiële stabiliteit, DNB)

  • Merel van Vroonhoven (Voorzitter AFM)

Laura van Geest (directeur CPB) neemt als externe deskundige deel aan vergaderingen

Secretaris: Paul Hilbers (divisiedirecteur Financiële Stabiliteit, DNB)

The representatives from the Ministry of Finance do not take part in decision-making on warnings and recommendations.

The committee meets at least twice a year and its work programme is made public. The committee produces an annual report for the Ministry of Finance about the activities undertaken during the year under review. The Minister provides the Lower House of Parliament with a copy of the report. The committee’s secretariat is relegated to DNB.